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Gym memberships, fitness books, and nutritional supplements are a complete waste of time and money…

. . .if you buy any of them and fail to use them.

I’m amazed at the number of people so quick to claim”this

Does not work or”that’s a waste of money” when, in fact, they never even used what it was that they purchased.

I overheard one young kid in the gym the other day telling his friend that the container of protein he purchased was not doing anything for him.

It reminds me of those people that buy into those”get rich quick” programs and then dump them when they have not made a truck load of cash in two weeks.

I see two types of people every single day in the fitness field:

1. Those who know what they want and take action to get it.


But during the last few years being a personal trainer, I’ve learned that there’s even a more important step that comes before taking action.

In actuality, the first step to attaining physical fitness success would be to take complete responsibility for where you’re, right now.

If you are overweight, it’s because you made it.

Tired of how you look when you look in the mirror, you’re responsible.

Don’t have the muscles you would like or the six pack abs you’d die for?

You’re the reason for all of them.

Outside of particular medical conditions or events beyond your control, you’re where you are right now as a result of choices you’ve made.

You see, if you’re blaming your current results on everything , that is what you will keep telling your self to the point that you truly believe you are not at fault.

And if you really feel you are not responsible for the present

Condition of your body, do you think you are going to take the actions needed to change it?

Probably not, you’ll keep on blaming McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, the spouse, the doctor, etc.. . And you’ll continue in your never-ending search for fitness success.

Taking complete and total responsibility for your present

Situation is extremely powerful. The fact is, by asserting possession, at the point you realize that it is you and only you that will be the one who changes what you need changed.

Whether it’s weight loss you’re after, more muscle, more


So, unlike the egg you can not unscramble, you can unscramble your physical state if you want to.

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